A Not So Smart Battery

By emasaba 3 years ago
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A phone battery’s life is one of the most important essentials to the modern world,you can charge it for a month then switch on your phone and it will last for just an hour so. Yes, that is a smartphone for you, you cannot have a phone running hundreds of Apps at a go, while you are busy texting or taking pictures and expect your phone’s batter y to last long. A decent battery life is approximately six hours and that is depending on how many times you use your phone in those hours.


So we looked around for some of those things we can do to improve your phone’s battery life other than charging it every minute it warns?Ofcourse they are there but do not expect your battery to do improve out of the blue just because a certain setting in your phone was changed or because you gave it a time out for a week.

  1. Install a brightness widget:

The one thing that easily drains battery life in any gadget is the screen brightness, be it a phone or laptop. Always set the brightness to default and stick a brightness widget on your homescreen that can easily help you access it where possible, only max brightness when you need it which will help your phone use a marginal amount of power.

battery1 battery2

  1. Uninstall unnecessary Apps;

If you never check what apps are running in the background, then it is about time you did, it doesn’t only help decreases your data usage but it helps with the battery too. When you have those old unused apps that you think you might need in the future, uninstall them.


  1. Battery Checkers:

We know there are some shady battery apps out there but you can always check them out before downloading, the fewer downloads, the more useless it will be to you and a waste of data. These battery checkers can help you pinpoint the problems or reasons as to why your battery life keeps draining faster than it charges.

  1. Sync and Upload:

Syncing your accounts or uploading pictures and music is safer for your battery when you are on Wi-Fi this means less connectivity time for your phone and less strain on the battery.

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  1. Deactivate Wi-Fi when not in use;

Switch off your Wi-Fi when you are not using or even not connected to any network, when it is on uselessly, it wastes your battery especially when you are up and about. This goes for your Bluetooth too, when not using it switch it off.


  1. Buy a new battery,

After all has failed that means your battery is just well wary and tired, get rid of it and walk to your nearest smartphone accessory shop. Avoid those very cheap and second hand batteries buy a new battery that will last longer.


If all the above fails, get your phone battery look for a trash can and throw it to where it will be useful for a lifetime.


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