A Tinder Valentine

By emasaba 3 years ago
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Since it is the week that most of the lovers have been waiting for and a couple of single people reading, we thought we could continue this whole love themed thing that is all over the place, do bare with us till Friday.

This article is for the single, the “I am not lonely and happy with my singlehood “but still go back home and cry in their pillow” kind of people or you are single because you choose but we like the former more.

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Have you ever heard of Tinder? Yeah, we know there a few Ugandans out there that have embraced it but, the great news is; you do not have to follow anyone or need many followers for it.


Tinder is a location based dating App that uses information from your Facebook account to create a profile and generates possible matches for you within the vicinity.


Being that it uses Facebook, a couple of your picture will be visible and the  other person or you can wipe right when they want to get to know you or just swipe left with a huge NO!


Tinder is not badoo so do not freak out about it just because the latter was not as sophisticated as you expected or just didn’t have what you were looking for. Tinder is more of a free will thing, where if someone likes you: you fall in a category somewhere and you get to talk and if it’s not worth it, end it there and then.


The good thing is; it’s very fast and  is not a heavy App therefore, you do not have to worry about your data going to much: it is easy to use, that whole mutual friends thing helps you connect easily, you can “stalk” a hot person without them knowing that you like them unless you click “like”. The other side of it is that: most people use it for only one thing meeting people nearby to hook up,it is very addictive,  and if you are too emotional it can literally rip your heart out because of the rejection.

At the end of the day, you might meet someone very wonderful to get to know and never know a beautiful thing might just grow out of that, do go on download it and try it out but delete it if you find it useless, cannot be wasting data on apps you do not like.



It is advisable that when you are meeting someone you were talking to online, you meet up in a very public place for the first or two times till you get to know them just to be safe.


Happy Valentines!

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