Davis Ntare

By emasaba 4 years ago
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Davis Ntare is a singer who rose to fame after winning Tusker Project Fame, a musical TV competition show in 2010, he later released a song called Sheka Sheka but went quiet after a while, and he recently got signed onto Universal, a very huge record label. He is currently under Kinetic Management Group with a couple of new songs coming out but the most anticipated one is his new video that will debut at the KMG Video Release this month, he spoke to us about what has been up to.



It’s been years since Tusker Project Fame, you have been rather silent, how has the journey been?

It has been hard of course, I mean people keep asking me what I did with the money, media has its own version of the story but I would rather shock them because at the end of the day, you have to be sure what you and your fans want because it will either make you or break you, I waited but it was worth it, I would rather wait and do good music than rush and give out sub- standard stuff!

What is the Title of the Song whose video you are working on right now?

The song is called Mr. DJ Afro- Naija ish…upbeat, you know those danceable songs that you always want to ask the DJ to play for you when in club, its a lil different and fun…and I like fun.

You can dance?

Hahahaha… of course I can dance, since childhood…

The “Club Concept’ is common in most Ugandan Music Videos, how is yours any different?

Yes it is but you will love this one…just wait for the video release and see, hehehe…

Talking about the Video Release, How many videos should we look forward to seeing?

One… I will perform other songs and release one video..


Should we look forward to an Album after that?

Yes, but after I have done some singles the whole album thing will be determined by Universal, the record label I am signed to.

Wow!! Congratulations

Thank you, it was just long overdue and I am so grateful and excited about it…

How has life been after you got signed by Universal?

Its madness, I was supposed to be signed to Gallo Records in South Africa but they had already terminated their contract when I got done with TPF, Universal Officials had already

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seen me perform at TPF so they knew what I could deliver. I have been waiting for this moment all my life but it’s worth it… I am ready and grown..

Tell me more about Mr. Davis Hillary Ntare… behind all this music, who is he?

Half Muganda- Munyoro…. I love music… I did Industrial fine art at University…

That is nice, you are quite talented

Hahaha, Thank You..

So do you have another Job?

Of course but I am self-employed and I want to break into the Real Estate industry sooner or later by God’s Grace.

Imagine if you had given up after the first audition for Tusker Project Fame (TPF) in 2009?

Maaan…crazy right? I am very grateful that I did not because, look at where I am now! Its amazing.

You are rarely seen on the social scene, how come?

Because I have been out of Uganda, I was in Nairobi doing more of live events and I didn’t have music out other than Sheka, so were doing mostly covers but it was quite fun.

I am sure the ladies out there want to know if you single…

No, Hahaha I am not single….

EH!! Do you have any Children?

Yes I do, I am a Ssalongo for that matter.

What? Wow!!

I know, it is a

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blessing, Boy and Girl.

Kinetic Management Group (KMG), how is that working out for you?

Oh, it is going so well…I feel more ready now to do music than ever before and the energy in Kinetic is inspiring, everyone is working hard on something.

Any Collaborations with other artists?

Working on some music with VamposMith...and Collo from Kenya and a project with Sauti Sol..

I hope you will not get lazy along the way like other artists after a few hits, along the way and forget about good music…

I have not been making music but I told myself that the moment I get back onto the scene I will not let myself stop till I get way up at the top and keep working even harder… I am well prepared now than before… plus, I am not mediocre artist

How come after TPF, the contestants, winners go silent, musically that is?

The problem is usually within the Record label contract, it dictates everything for the artist, the studio time, what studio, when to release music, what collaborations. Then it becomes a problem to you because people will not understand as to why you are not releasing any music.

You and Jackson should do a song together

We wrote a song but we haven’t recorded it yet…


You favorite Ugandan Producer?

Personally I prefer Sam (Lamara “The Samurae”Talent Africa Studios) he is on point…he is open to anything, does not try to dictate but listens to what the artist wants then helps develop the idea and he is good at what he does, makes the song feel personal.

Where do you see yourself?

That is a broad question but I am hoping that I will be expanding beyond borders, beyond East Africa….most artists produce music for the Ugandan market but forget about someone in Tanzania, South Africa, so I am looking at myself as a huge artist all over Africa








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