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Happy Monday to you guys, a huge thank you to everyone that attended last year’s #SamsungTwitterParty plus the previous one, you guys are so amazing.

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Last year was so much fun, we had the realest Rudeboy Mackenzie as the host for the night, and man he killed it as always. Moroots and the band KILLED IT, Iryn Ntale had everyone “oohing” of course not because of her pretty costume but man that girl can sing, she sung the hell out of every song and we were so amazed. We had the dynamic duo Radio& Weasel drive everyone crazy with their all year hits then the illest Ruyonga and Patrobas threw in lines that had everybody burying their secret dreams of being a rapper someday.

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Samsung, gadgets were won, people made friends…drinks were flowing like work stress and most of all, you guys had fun.

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We are doing it again this year, it’s going to be bigger and better; Y’all know us, we always deliver so we don’t even have to blow our trumpets but oh well… Just this once, it won’t even be a lot of trumpet blowing. This year, we have the hit maker Miss Sheebah Karungi, new kid on the block A-Pass, the only Mukyamu in the mix Mr. Rabadaba, Mr I- got- em- laughing- errday Salvador Idringi and wait for it…y’all aint ready for this one, a surprise artist all the way from…..….let’s fill that in later. What’s even more amazing is we are partnering with the wonderful people at Radiocity again this year and you know what that means, we got em all crazy fun people coming to get the party going all night.

10301936_758922237523226_8412681362638611757_n    Samsung Twitter Party

There will be so many Samsung goodies to be won the new Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Trend Lite, Selfie Sticks, MTN Airtime and many more, so many tweeps to meet (that includes your twirra crush, we got emall), so much partying to be done and all this for just 10,000/- and you get to have your handle on our backdrop, how cool is that? Ain’t we so nice? LOL

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Save that date, bring you (obviously), your smartphone, your charger, your “I am the life of the party face,” everybody in your clique (except the party pooper, leave that one locked up somewhere) to Panamera and do it neera neera.

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#SamsungTwitterParty is powered by Samsung Uganda, M-iDEA, Radiocity, SMS Media and MTN.

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