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By emasaba 3 years ago
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In this age where Public Relations and the marketing departments of a company seem to take up all the funds available, it is needless to say that your superiors will expect a lot more success from every campaign strategy that is proposed to them. Plans will be made, goals set, budgets approved and then the hard step comes where you have to step into the unknown with a couple of plans and no assurance that the marketing ploy will yield enough returns to cover the costs incurred during the campaign or create a lot more brand awareness for the product being placed.

Before you rush into putting into action any marketing ideas or concepts, always have the following at the back of your mind:

Brand Credit:

Structure the Campaign in a way that brings enough credit to your brand especially when partnering with another company to run a campaign and make sure all parties involved get equal footing so that all the publicity that comes gives enough light to your brand at the same time your partners which does not make you seem like you are hogging all the publicity. You will always go wrong with a campaign if your intended brand does not get as much attention as the rest; this means they will reap a lot more than you in the end.


Think Through Your Ideas;

Before going into war, the commander always has a structure on how they will fight the battle which they go through before the battle just to make sure they have not missed a thing. When you get your great campaign ideas for a client or brand, go through them from all angles. Make sure that all grounds are covered and that when something goes wrong, you will fix it without jeopardizing the whole campaign.

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Thorough Research:

Any form of marketing needs to be heaily researched on just to get the best results for the campaign. You have to research on the demographics that the brand can target, how they will receive the campaign and if the campaign will get as much publicity as intended. Research always helps you pick the right ideas and the right target market for the brand.

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Don’t Rush:

The worst to do for your brand is to rush through the motions and steps of a campaign because you want to please the client then end up muddling it up. Go through every step of the campaign in a slow but sure way so that you can be sure about the final steps and how to put them into action.

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At the end of the day before you embark on any campaign strategy for your brand, always make sure everything is suitable and well planned for.





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