#MideaAt3: How It All Started

By emasaba 3 years ago
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Starting a company is never “a walk in the park” You must be self motivated and goal oriented to keep working towards success, It doesn’t happen over night. You have to listen to your heart… a lot of it is based on intuition, on gut…part of being enterprising is the ability to spot opportunities in a community.

Carol (CEO of M-idea) graduated from Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia with Bachelors in Business Information Technology in 2010 and thereafter worked for MTN Uganda and Dash events for 2 years respectively.

In 2012, she decided to take a leap of faith and follow her dreams to set up a creative digital marketing agency, M-IDEA.

Once all the company registration was done, she realised she couldn’t do this alone and went ahead to look for someone else who shared her vision and passion for social media, this happened to be Stuart Akankwasa @djstui. Our 1st property was just a mini laptop and modem that Stuart shared with Carol.


With the burning desire to get clients and with knowledge from her former work place, they approached the 1st potential client, Tunaweza Children’s Centre (A haven for children with special needs) and boom M-idea had its 1st client. 100,000shs as our first monthly retainer didn’t affect their joy as they were more excited about the new client than the pay. They continued to look for more clients and in the first eight months they had four paying clients.

As time went on, the client base kept growing from referrals and word of mouth, All that was left to do was “ride the wave,” every client wanted undivided attention and that is when recruiting a creative team to help with the workload seemed like the next best thing to do.

We all needed a formal setting for us to feed off each other’s creativity so Carol got an office at Shumuk house, and today M-idea employs a team of eight. From virtual office mobile office to a cool office, from mini laptop to Lots of machinery, from 100,000/- clients to bigger clients, from two to eight employees, started from the bottom now we are here.

Other notable highlights: Friday playlist was a fun thing Carol did, then later grew a cult following with people yearning for it, we signed a new client VMBG music who allowed Carol to host her Friday playlist on their site and it got so popular Samsung contacted her to use Friday playlist to promote their Galaxy Music phones. – This partnership was successful and it led to Samsung joining Twitter Party as a title sponsor. This also led to Samsung being full time clients a major boost for our portfolio.

M-idea have been at the fore front of some of the biggest events in Uganda; Friday Night Lights, Kwivuga, Twitterparty among others. We are grateful to so many people, clients and everyone else that has helped make this company what it is right now, we could not have made it this far without any of you and the most Thanks goes to the amazing God we serve. He has blessed us with good people and favour to enable us grow every year.


The CEO/Carol says;

It is this passion and this constant drive to innovate that I believe strikes at the heart of entrepreneurship and ensures a company’s longevity. I am results driven; doing a good job and achieving the desired end result is my primary motivation. I am thankful for the clients and the #DreamTeam that have walked this journey with me, let us keep up the hard-work and persistence.. THINK..CREATE…INNOVATE


“Social media is where our communities are shifting their attention; we ignore them at our own peril…”

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