NAVIO: On Hip Hop, Being Single And The #NavioConcertAug23rd

By emasaba 3 years ago
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Daniel Lubwama Kigozi popularly known as Navio is one of the original members of Klear Kut that was formed in 2000, when the group went to finish their studies, it went quiet till they all came back on the music scene and it has been an uphill rise for one of the best Hip Hop artists in Uganda right now. Multi-award winning recording artist Navio has confirmed his upcoming launch scheduled 23rd August at Kati Kati Lugogo that will have some of the big names in the industry right now

ranging from Chameleon, Bebe Cool, Ruyonga, Enygma to the lady with the hits Sheba, we caught up with him at St Lawrence Horizon Campus yesterday amid a flurry of his adoring fans well…to just talk and take pictures of course.

So after Two years of no concerts, your last concert having been held in 2011, you must be quite excited for 23rd third August…

I definitely am, I mean when you do concerts year in year out or even after every new month, people know what to expect from you and I do not want to be predictable, I always want to keep everyone on their toes musically.


Why a day concert though? Many artists do night concerts so this is different.

Yes, this is really going to be different, I wanted to do something that everyone can enjoy. I mean I meet so many parents that tell me how their kids are my fans or even the kids themselves who like my music but cannot go for the concerts because I sometimes get on stage past their curfews. Call it something that a whole family can enjoy.


That is good to know, you have also been a constant on the music scene since the days of Klear Kut (KUT), and how has the journey been till now?

Back then we did not have as many outlets as we do now to have our music out there, few radio stations were giving hiphop music airplay the way it is and we did not have social media as much we do now. So yeah, back then, it wasn’t as easy as it is now.


There has always been that tinsy whisper that Navio has only made it this far because his Mom is well, Dr. Maggie Kigozi… How do you address such rumors?

The fact is, I have come this far because of hard work and talent, but people are allowed to have their own opinions.

Of all your albums, which has been your favorite?

Wow… it is actually a mixtape, Revolutionary Soul, I did it when I was still in South Africa for school and it did not get as much airplay as expected since it was too raw for the Ugandan music scene according to those years.


After all these years, do you see feel like you have achieved what you set out to do as an artist?

Yes, after 27 or so awards and many more to come, I think I have made it to a fifth of what I always wanted to achieve, it hasn’t been easy of course but what is!


Still on that issue, when you started out with the high quality videos for your music, you lifted the bar when it came visual music. Do you think there is still more you want to build when it comes to the Ugandan music industry?

It is always good to aim higher, when I started out I thought there would be a lot more Navio’s coming behind me because I wanted to go further than Uganda but when I look back I know there is a lot lacking in our industry.


And what is that?

The hustle, most artists understand the music but not the commercial side of it or some are lazy and more dependent on their management to move further and build themselves and their music which can actually up- lift our industry.


Away from all that, how is Fatherhood?

Fatherhood is great, it is the best achievement I have in my life nothing really matches up to it.


And are you single?

Yes I am and I will be looking for my one and only on that day, he he he… so calling all the ladies.


You know the ladies are going to go crazy about this, you are serious I hope.

Very serious.


By the way, there is this question that is always asked, what is Navcorp all about? Are you a record label or management?

At first that is what we had set out to do with Navcop, a record label to bring out the raw talent in Uganda but along the way it became more an avenue for all Navio related work but now it’s branching out into media and advertising and man, it is getting busier by the minute for me.


Where do you see yourself Five years from now?

More in the background of music, I want to start businesses like help build and lift our industry more in production than being at the frontline, bring out Africa’s next big thing who is definitely Ugandan, of course this will definitely take the limelight off of my musical career but, all for the good of our Hip hop industry.


You recently visited the studio in the USA where Tupac used to record his music from, did you get an inspiration or it was another studio session for you?

Definitely, it was inspiring because Tupac was one of my favourites so being in that space where he used to do his music, walking through the halls where he was shot from, it was a really good experience. It was like connecting with a piece of history to me and I felt the energy in that place.


Did you record anything from there?

Yes I did, two tracks that will be coming off of new album soon…and they were produced by Easy MoBee he has worked with so many greats, I was humbled.


When we spoke The Mith, he told us that you have one the best work ethics he has ever seen and it inspires him, which artists in the industry right now inspire you to work harder than you do now?

There are not that many artists but to start with KUT, Jay Z and Diddy because they work hard beyond just the artist and the industry…



No Nas?

Nas is more of label dependent…


And back to the concert, too much buzz around it anything new that the fans should look forward to?

Yes of course, there is a video that we will be screening off of my new track “Something About You” and another track I am working on with Vampino, we will do a live version that day for the people but it is still in the pipelines.


Do you see better things happening in the hip hop industry actually having hip hop artists shaking things up on the music scene in a couple of years?

Yes, we have been shaking up the music scene since hip hop became mainstream in Uganda some years back and we have set some trends along the way that most artists were not taking seriously till then things like video releases or full track album releases and I see quite a lot happening in the industry.


Lastly, anything you want people to know about the #NavioConcertAug23rd?

This time, it is Navio coming back and it’s going to be one of the first daytime rap shows with me doing what I do best plus having M- Idea on board is reason enough for it to be something you do not want to miss, save that date.

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