Patrobas: The Rapper

By emasaba 4 years ago
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Patrobas Abilla is a very talented Ugandan Artist, good looking and a model too who is commonly known simply as Patrobas. Patrobas is working on the highly anticipated video of his new single 256 that will be released at the Kinetic Takeover Video Release this coming month, he spoke to us about music and his projects

How did you get into Professional Hip Hop?

It started out as hobby…I used to write between classes like Poetry and a bit of rhymes since then I got into rapping then ended up dropping a couple of mixtapes called the Mind State mixtapes (2008), Metaphors and Skits (2009) done in the UK…Dustville Re- union(2009) done in the UK but mastered in Uganda..

Your music is not hardcore Hip Hop, yes?

My music is more in the middle…it’s that thinking a lot kind of music… its conscious and feel good music, 256 is a good song and it has something about society, that is what I want to be doing, music that impacts lives, music that gets someone thinking and easy to relate to.

When did you write 256?

Last year in may…the funniest thing about music you find people who

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like one song and others like the other song …it’s about Uganda and the country we live in…everything I have to do has something to do with Uganda, if you listen closely to all of them.


Do you experiment?

Yes I love to experiment… I want to do Dubstep mixed with afro, house Canada thing… would want to do it with Chameleon but I don’t think he has done Dubstep before but he is awesome…and I would enjoy working with him

Do you let the industry dictate what kind of music you should do?

No, I put my foot down and do the music I want not that which pleases other people but still want people to relate to it, my music is mostly about myself most Rappers do music that’s for bragging but it’s good to be honest because people don’t know much about me but I tell them that when you listen to my music you get to find out a lil bit about who I am behind all this, it’s like therapy, therapeutic to me…

The Female artists you would do songs with..

Yvonne Kushe maybe, we have done a song before but she ain’t out there yet..her music is out there but you know how this industry is.

Did you grow up from the UK?

Hahaha… why?

Your Accent…its well British…

I studied in the UK but I came back to went Vienna for O’level and A’level then did Business Marketing at University…I wouldn’t change a thing about my life really, it has shaped who I am.

You are tall… do you play ball?

Naaaaa…. I don’t like it that much, I won’t say I hate it but I wouldn’t sit down and watch…growing up from the UK gets one into the whole soccer thing, you get to appreciate and love it, I am more of a soccer person.

Are you single?

Yes I am, I have been single now…I am too young to be rushing into things!


Really? I am sure there you got someone stashed away…


Your Major influences, musically?

Joe Budden, Tupac, Drake, Jay Z, Nas….and Chameleon because of his longevity, I see where he comes from and he is a hit maker…

Other than music what are doing?

Modelling…and I am working on my Clothing line….it’s coming soon.

So I am guessing you are too much into fashion, you would wear the skirts?

Hell no!! I love fashion but not that Kanye kinda thing…Rappers wearing skirts that’s not right, I can’t do that.

Are you religious?

I am a protestant but I am not going to lie, I rarely go to church…

I am God fearing…you don’t really need to go to church to know more about God but I should one of these days.

Project that you are working on?

I am just working on hits get myself on the market, one thing I have noticed about Uganda is people like singles, you will release an album and it will not sell as much as a good hit single…I am working on a song called My flair ft A- pus…I think he is one of the most talented individuals in this industry… and the video for 256.

Anything from you and the Kinetic team?

Me and Mith have done a lot of music together…as for Mulo, we are working together still in the pipeline but definitely something and with Ruyonga it’s ready and will be out soon, we just haven’t really set a date yet.

Your Parents support you?

Mom passed away, Dad supports me but he is in the UK…my family supports me

When did you get signed to KMG?

I knew Cedric’s sister in the UK she heard my music then she recommended me to him and he heard my music at Kabira one time, he liked it from then…the rest is history.

A few years from now….

Hopefully alive for starters…hehehehe…I don’t feel like we are lacking anything here and I want to be among the best in Africa and God willing if it can take it further than Africa. A clothing line…I definitely wana model…


Of course I want to do all that…but let me first get the good woman then we will see…

Rapper would you relate yourself to?

Hmmmm…. I don’t try to imitate other rappers… I try to be original. Every rapper aspires to be himself and not be compared to another rapper but I have heard people say I remind them of 50 Cent, his rapping style that is.


In your own words?

It’s HARD!! It’s like any other business venture or anything you are going to be involved in professionally, you have to have the time and patience and passion… the main thing is patience and time you never know when it’s going to work out or not. Eminem started out small like every other good lyricist out there…he is big…you have to be true to yourself.




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