Beneath The Lies

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Official Youtube Channel – BENEATH THE LIES – The Series.
Facebook Page –
Twitter Account – @beneath_thelies
Instagram Account – @beneaththeliesUG

We set up and managed all Beneath The Lies digital platforms which we used to build anticipation for the show to viewers in and outside Uganda. Using well curated images and videos we were able to achieve this in a short time possible.

BENEATH THE LIES, written by Nana Kagga-Macpherson and produced by Savannah Moon Productions in conjunction Kinetic Management Group is a new independent Ugandan thriller/suspense TV and web series that was originally written as a feature film. With the phenomenal growth in online entertainment and the gap in the thriller/suspense genre industry in Uganda. Nana Kagga-Macpherson decided to rewrite her script for TV and the web, and Beneath The Lies was born.


12 Part Drama Series set in Kampala Uganda. The series looks at child trafficking and how that impacts the lives of many people from different walks of life!

Within the city of Kampala, lies a seedy underbelly of blackmail, drug trafficking, child prostitution and exploitation of women run by an unknown racket. When the lies beneath each relationship are exposed and loyalties are tested, only death and chaos can ensue.

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