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With great recommendation from our other clients, KCB BANK GROUP called onto us to help set up and maintain KCB Bank Uganda’s social media accounts. KCB Bank was among the first banks to embrace social media and its advantages in the banking sector and we are proud to partner with the regional bank.

Other than setting up, growing and maintaining the KCB social media platform which was our primary goal here are some of other topics we highlighted, KCB products / accounts and solutions, KCB website, KCB Foundation, Engagement and Customer Care. We managed to bridge the gap between your clients and Bank. Clients now expect to have this avenue of communication and with the help/ input of your team we have responded to queries helping the KCB customers resolve their problems thus growing the KCB Bank Uganda brand further promote their products and accounts: KCB Mobile and Internet banking was our most popular information plugged and when the new website was launched it received a lot of positive feedback with many people commending its 24/7 customer service capability , ease of navigation and also the convenience banking.






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