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Edwin Ruyonga commonly known as Ruyonga and formerly known as Krukid with hits like “Tutuuse” rocking the air waves and lyrics that get one thinking. He is an unapologetic Christian and recently, a father.


Do you feel like you have made it yet? You know become what you expected years ago?

Definitely not, I have a long way to go, i have big dream, its not even about me, its about the scene, I am more of a gear part of a bigger body.., the way this industry is, it is just developing and I am most especially thinking about the gospel industry, it needs to grow..

Major Influences?

Mostly good African music but other than that, there’s Jay Z, Nas, Talib Kweli, Eminem…you know those major good lyricists… for gospel, T-bone and Grits because during that time I was not much into gospel music.. I was on the other side of music..

The temptations that come with this industry, it must be hard being a Christian in an industry that is predominantly secular. How do you deal it?

Wave and move on but mostly, Prayer, I just pray about it…there are many of those around me but I ask God to give me strength so that I can handle it well.

What if a hot female fan, corners you and tries to seduce you?

I always try to avoid that… tell her off and make my way away from that as fast as I can…man it’s even hard to think about such situations…

Fatherhood… your daughter was born on Christmas day, congratulations by the way…how is it so far? How has it changed your life?

It’s tough you know, she needs all the time in the world but it is all worth it, seeing a tiny bundle of joy grow into a curious tiny human being is just wonderful… That is one of the most memorable Christmas ever…like really.


The controversy that surrounded your apology to your fans about having sex before marriage, dealing with all that judgment… you and her, did it make you guys even stronger?

We had to weather through it, I mean such situations make you stronger…it wasn’t easy of course but I trusted God and got through it… it definitely made us stronger… 

What are you working right now? Something we should be excited about?

A couple of songs…I just want to deal with my music, focus more on singles… I have a song with Benny Black and another with Jackson.

The Zukuuka tour with Benezeri… how has that been?

Benezeri is a talented person, he is creative and does music for a nation not just for a class of people, I see a lot working out for him and I am humbled to work with him..

Kru kid and Ruyonga…. The journey that has led to that, regrets?

It was HARD the transition to Ruyonga wasn’t easy, I basically blocked out everything to do with Krukid… all things secular, movies, music… but God helped me see the world in a different way… he is still perfecting me into what he wants me to be.

You are a very down to earth “celebrity” its general knowledge that celebs are snobbish and arrogant yet you all nice, how come?

Because I know how big my God is…

A father, Husband (I am sure lots of ladies out there wish you were not), Rapper- Singer….you have your hands full, how do you juggle all that?

Its not easy, everything needs its time but you know  i pray about everything, I have a good team…the M-idea team and Kinetic… it helps to have a team.

What video are you doing for the Video Release party?

Muwuliire…means have you heard…it does have some mention of God in it, you will see a lot of good stuff, definitely high grade things..

Who is Ruyonga Edwin behind all this music, Ruyonga the man?

Aaaah… Christian, dreamer… down to earth… an all out simple guy..

Play any instruments?

No, I want to learn though…

You collaborate with secular artist doesn’t that affect your music in any way, for example the “Tutuuse” video had tongues wagging that it was not too “Gospel- ish”

I did get where they were coming from, I made a few mistakes but overall it was a good video..

Any new collaborations you know those out of the box things, like one with Pr. Bugembe….

Of course…We have talked about it…so we will see…

What is the biggest misconception about?

Hmmm… That is a hard question but since generally people don’t know much about my life, I might sing about it but other than that there’s nothing they know about me so no misconceptions.


How did your Mom react to the Baby news?

She was cool…

If you were not doing music, what would you be doing right now?

Graphics Designing…maybe a Missionary, wherever God takes me to…

In any situation, trust in God and not lean on your own understanding and he will guide you through it..





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