#Society: How Are You Giving Back?

By emasaba 3 years ago
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The key to success in this world for whatever you do is well known as hard work and persistence, but after you succeed what survives you as a legacy? Is it just the man or the character of the man behind that success? I it what you did for the people around you or how you spent the money you worked hard for?

Carol Kisukye is a successful business woman, a basketball player and one of the few professional female DJs in the entertainment sector, this article is not about her but it is about the lessons we learn from the characteristics of people like her.

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Carol is a humble person but the best thing about her is her passion for helping people especially little children, she might not have enough to sponsor a whole school but she always makes the effort to help where she can and that is what makes her the woman that she is, kindness and empathy.


Another lady that inspired this article is Miss Esther Kalenzi a young beautiful lady with a heart of gold, the founder of 40Days- 40Smiles a local NGO that helps children in orphanages around Kampala.

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This article is more or less about how we can all be more than what we are to this society, it is about how we can go out of our way to make sure that we are more than all talk but action to bring about change in other people’s lives.

The reason why we succeed in life is to help others succeed to because if we did not do that then this world would not be where it is right now.

Every time you see that you can do something to help someone who needs that help, do it. Do not second guess your decision to be a ray of hope and kindness in someone else’s life; you never know what impact you would have on that person.

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If every person that talked and whined about change on social media everyday woke up and went ahead to try and do what they want to see being done around them, we would all learn and do it which would lead to a generation of action minded people.

It is our responsibility as human beings to give back to society because whether we like it or not, society is the reason as to why we are who are in this world and that is we should not slack on our responsibility.

Giving back does not mean you give books and clothes to widows and orphans just to show that you have done good, it does not have to be a huge ceremonious event that the rest of the world will see to show you gave. Giving back is when you do something be it small or big that impacts the rest of society in a positive way and hope it inspires everyone else to do the same.

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Change starts with all us.

“You must be the change you wish to see in this world..”- Mahtma Gandhi
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