Soulful Jackson

By admin 4 years ago
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J. Kalimba is a former Tusker Project Fame Season 5 finalist with a soulful voice that drives the ladies’ knees weak… Rwandese and recently signed to Kinetic Management Group. He has a video coming out soon and will be performing at Kwivuga this Thursday.

How was Tusker Project Fame (TPF)? The experience that is…
Hehehe…first of all it was fun, I was from Rwanda and to meet some contestants from other 5 countries, I did I have a challenge…the other people were too talented, I really did learn something from them.

What were you doing before TPF?
I was performing with a band called Rainbow at Hotel Milles Colline for one year and a half but I used to sing alone in church…actually i started singing from church.

The genre of music you sing?
Afro- beat and RnB, soul…

What have you been doing musically?
I did a collabo with Danny, a Rapper from Rwanda, the song is called Mbikubwire* and it is in Rwandese, it is doing so well in Rwanda and another song called Kuberiki still working on a little more music like

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the Video Re

Other than music
I was studying but stopped to focus on music I was studying in Congo… my Dad is Congolese and my Mother is Rwandese but I will resume soon…

A cute guy like you cannot be single right?
Yes, I am…hehehehe

If you were not a singer what would you be doing?
Professional Basketball player maybe..

You play ball? That is nice…
Yes I have….I have done it before…

What Projects are you working on right now?
Working on four singles….and a Video that is going to be available during the KMG Video Release in the first week of February, plus I am going to be performing at Kwivuga this Thursday so I am very excited.

Any songs that have a Ugandan artist on it?
Yes one I did with RuyongaNdagukunda Cyane
Although, I am putting more focus on my own music right now before involving other artist…then afterwards, I can collaborate with many of them as soon as I can…

Internationally, it is Lionel Richie, John Legend and locally it is Lokua Kanza

Can you sing for me?
Hahahaha… I can take you to my place and sing for you…it will be more romantic

So Plans for the future?
Like some kids maybe two…maybe

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ten..hehehe.. I want to put focus on my career like I want to become a huge artist in Africa and you know make good music…leave a legacy and a lot of good for people to remember me by.

Advice to upcoming artist?
I think first of all, be a very passionate person for your music, try to experiment musically and not be comfortable in one genre

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