The Mith, Mr. So UG !!

By emasaba 4 years ago
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Tom The Mith- Mayanja aka Mr. So UG is one of Uganda’s biggest names in Hip Hop, with hits that have been danced to and played all over. A busy February, getting ready for the upcoming KMG Video Release event, The Mith will be showing off his new video for the track Winner and putting finishing touches on his second album Destination Africa that features a combo of famous African Artist.


How has your journey been?

Interesting….A lot of ups and downs… But more interesting that’s all I can say, it wasn’t easy, put out mixtapes until “fire ft Tikita” and that’s when the talks between KMG started and I got signed then released my first album in 2011

You did your own thing after Klear kut that started in 1999

Klear kut never broke up…we went on to university in very different places and got busy then when we came back, it just started where we had left off..

Is there a song you think you enjoyed most while making…your favorite off of all the songs you have done?

Amina mina…. It is a song that took 50 minutes which is rare in production, studio sessions with Lillian are the easiest…her creative energy is amazing..

Talking about Lillian, any other female artist you would want to work with?

CINDY!! Hehehe….

Keko would be dope too…

What do you think of the Hip hop industry right now?

Growing remarkably….

Its more competitive than the others so everyone is always willing to try harder….putting stuff out that is better than what they did previously, you know staying on top of the game!!!

Is there a bougie wougie dance?

HELL NO!! Hehehe

What? Why? I was about to ask you if you can do it for me!!

Naaa…man it aint there!!



Hmmm… why? You are always surrounded by so many hot females isn’t there one?

Nope, they are all good friends, I am single!!

Any new Projects you are working on?

My second album Destination Africa that is dropping this year..


Everything from Jay Z and Nas even Afrigo … Afrigo is legendary the way

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they do their thing…maaan…you just have to admire them.

Done anything out of the box, you know something that binds your genre and others?

As Klear Kut, we had a song with Percussion Discussion it would be dope if we did something with them again…though with all these busy schedules….time will tell though.

If you weren’t a Rapper…..

I would be doing something in marketing…

Not a Pimp?

Hehehe.. Pimping is actually a form of marketing so…

If you are not working, chilling?

Usually I am doing something… I do not like being Idle!!

Who do you think is better than you?

No one… why would I say someone is better than me but Navio is mad inspiring, I have been with him at 2am in a room when people are partying you know drinking stuff like that and he is working, I mean that’s some dope stuff… his work ethic is inspiring…

Where do you see yourself some years from now?

Hahaha…hopefully being convinced to get married…hehehe…a lot of things that I

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would want to see grow in the industry, many upcoming artists who need management and you quite many things, I would like to be a part of that for a long time to come….

Which Producer do you enjoy working with most?

Sam, I understand him because he is dope…and he understands my music when I am trying to get something done..

Still more Out of the box music?

There’s a song with Abaasa The Drummer Boy that

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is coming out soon… it is definitely very out of the box for me…


Video Release for KMG Artists is coming up soon… How many videos will you be releasing?

One song… Winner but as far as what people should expect, just very legit stuff!!

What Artist are featured on your new album and when does it drop?

Ikechukwu from Nigeria, Screech and J- Town from Ghana, Ruyonga, Lillian Mbabazi, Patrobas, Davis Ntare…. Klear Kut.

So uhhmmmm your Fnl for the celebrity challenge?

I am too cool to sweat!!

Any words of wisdom to those dying to join the industry?

Don’t, I mean its hard work but if you can, then go on and do it!

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