The One Of A Kind #NavioConcertAug23rd

By emasaba 3 years ago
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This Saturday, it ‘s going down at Kati Kati for the #NavioConcertAug23rd and it is going be something out of the ordinary, as promised by the main man himself (refer to the profile we did on this blog) it is going to be EPIC!! When we say Epic, we mean legendary, fun and most of all entertaining.


A first of its kind, this concert dubbed “The Best Daytime Rap show” ever is going to involve the industry’s heavy weights not excluding Bebe Cool (Ba Zuena), Bobi

Wine, The Mith, Vampino, Peter Miles and so many more more. The best thing about this concert is Navio‘s huge support to the our very young Rappers that were picked from schools all over and will be performing as the opening acts at the concert.

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There are few concerts where you find young children asked to show off their talent and this show is going to do just that, help the future (hopefully) of Ugandan HipHop to showcase what they have and through rap battles the best will win a once in a lifetime chance to record a song with Navio himself, we do hope our favourite veterans know what they are up against.

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Navio will also be screening the new video for his single “Something About You” at the event and like promised, do an Acapella with Vampino for their new song “We Rule” that will be coming out soon. This will be Navio‘s first concert in two years and he said he has so much he has been working on that will have everyone on their toes and take it from us, you will not disappointed at all. Join Navio this Thursday on Facebook and Twitter for the #AskNavio Q&A session do not forget to involve the #NavioConcertAug23rd tag in your questions, get involved and you might win your self a ticket.

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Tickets are 10,000/- only and gates will open at 10am while the concert will officially start at 2pm, it will be general event meaning everyone is welcome, your Jajja, Ssenga, Mummy, Nanny, Dad, baby sis etc. Now why would you want to miss this free saturday plot with your family?


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