By emasaba 4 years ago
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You know how ladies love looking good, they go to every extreme and do a lot of things that men will never know about trying to look even better than they already do? Yeah something like that, the best example one can give is how they love their hair looking good, a woman will sit for five excruciating hours while some other people pull and prod her head just because she wants to look good from head to toe, the only problem is most of them never come out looking that lovely as they expected.

Now, these weaves are what I have a problem with, we understand about the trying to look good bit but sincerely, why would you have a thing that looks like a very furry unkempt rabbit that smells like death on your head? Not all of them look bad, there is a good weave, well taken care of, smells good this compliments the lady too

You find a very pretty lady, beautiful clothes, nails done but when you look at her head, you think she was pooped on by the rainbow. All the bright colors you know about (even those you didn’t know about) will be on her head and she will be very proud of it, parading her head around like parakeet, let’s not be ratchet ladies, its unbecoming.


The most annoying is the

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one the music artists and socialites are so proudly parading around town and on stages, that fake version of the Brazilian hair that they do not know how to take care of. Just because it looks good on Beyonce or Rihanna’s head does not mean it will look good on yours, these people have a team of people who take care of their hair, make up and everything else. Recently Miss Chandiru had a thing on her head that looked like a hair ball that her cat had gagged out, I don’t care if it is a weave, kindly comb it properly and make sure it will look good when someone else stares at you makes you look like a “lady of the night” lost in the bright of day.

bad-weave w2

Before any of you ladies call me a hater, look around and tell me how many of your friends you have lied to that their hair looks good yet it looks and smells like a pile of waste? There are some very nice hairstyles that some ladies have mastered and are doing which look good, it is the bad ones that I am talking about of course. It’s almost time we asked for the Weave Bill to be lobbied in Parliament because it is rather too much. If you want to up your weave game, kindly refer to Mrs. Judith Heard, for those of you who claim to have the money to look good yet you do not, that lady’s weaves always look well made. You don’t have to be as “loaded” as she is to look good, just pick the hair that would look good, stylish and not too loud on you, a hairstyle that you will not have you scaring people’s babies. Yes ladies, you are your hair, like it or not.

eNow that is a good looking weave!Judith Heard.

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